The Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Native to Mexico and Guatemala, Chia seeds were a staple in ancient Aztec and Mayan cuisine. In fact, the name derives from the ancient Mayan word for "strength." Thus, it is no wonder that Chia seeds are known to be among the healthiest foods on the planet, and can be easily incorporated into a whole food eating style. There are many chia seeds health benefits. Loaded with various nutrients, you should learn to include chia seeds in your diet to ensure a healthy life and body.

Incorporating Chia Seeds Into Your Diet

The most common method of reaping the benefits of Chia seeds is by simply eating them. Chia seeds not only contain a large about of fiber, but also omega-3 acids, a variety of essential minerals and antioxidants, which can improve digestive health. Chia seeds also lower risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Highly versatile, Chia seeds can be sprinkled on top of food, soaked overnight in oats, made into pudding, or even baked into bread. You can also consider chia seeds for weight loss.

Other Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds also benefit hair growth and appearance. Chia is full of protein, containing 20% more than soybeans, with additional nutrients such as Omega-3s, which help in hair loss prevention. Incorporating the seeds into your diet is a great way to receive the nutrients, but you can also create hair masks by combining with other kitchen staples. Pamper yourself with a DIY Chia Seed hair mask made up of simple ingredients: apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, chia seeds, and honey. It is a great natural alternative to traditional hair conditioners. You can also use Chia seeds to make a face mask with an element of exfoliation. When mixed with coconut oil and lemon juice, this mask can help even out skin complexions and boost hydration.

Benefits Of Chia Oil

By extracting Chia oil from the seed, the same beneficial nutrients are available for a wide range of uses. When added to your skincare routine, Chia oil is a great moisturizer for the skin. It hydrates while also improving the function of your skin's barrier so moisture stays in your skin. It can also help strengthen your skin's outer layer (the epidermis), help build collagen to reduce signs of aging, and act as an anti-inflammatory. Chia oil can be used for a variety of skin types. It can be a spot treatment for acne or flare-ups. Use it all over the body for hydration. Use it its anti-aging properties. Chia oil is great for routine skincare.

Have you already incorporated Chia seeds into your diet? You should definitely consider doing so. Chia seeds are rich in nutrients. However, they are not only for eating. Hair and face masks using Chia are beneficial to your beauty regimen. Explore the different uses of Chia. You will get the most out of this superfood.

This is a Follow Up Post written by Eva Hurst: Eva is a holistic enthusiast. She is always on the lookout for clean-eating recipes and a spot to meditate. Eva advocates self-care through health and wellness. She also writes frequently for the website.