How Fermented Foods Can Help Cure Acne

Acne affects more than 50 million people in the U.S. each year. Eighty-five percent of those ages 12-24 have acne. Many adults can experience it well into their 30s, 40s and beyond. Treatment costs and lost productivity exceeded $1.2 billion in 2013. Now, many Americans are adopting a whole foods eating lifestyle to stave off illness, combat obesity and boost overall health. Natural whole foods also may help common skin problems like acne. Some believe fermented foods can help cure acne.

Prioritize The Pantry Over The Medicine Chest

The return to a simpler diet that consists of natural foods has sparked much interest. This includes fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi and kefir. These have been shown to heal the gut, provide energy and aid in digestion. As part of a regular diet, fermented foods can promote gut health, heal ulcers, and boost our immune systems. So, could probiotics like kefir also be the next cure for troublesome skin problems? Experts say yes. You can even purchase DIY starter kits on "how to make kombucha tea", and "how to make water kefir". Both of these fermented drinks are rich in probiotics.

Fight Bad Germs with Good Ones

Here’s how it works: We humans have millions of bacteria all over our bodies, inside and out, including on our skin. Most are harmless, but some bad bacteria can trigger our immune system. This can result in redness, irritation, and infections like acne and rosacea. Research shows that probiotic “good germs” calm the immune systems reaction to “bad germs” on the skin. Some probiotics even have antimicrobial properties. They actually attack the bad bacteria on the skin and kill them off,

Cook Up a Natural Cure

Used as an early method of preserving fresh foods, the practice of fermenting food actually has been around for thousands of years. Today, fermented foods are sold everywhere from specialty health food stores to Target and Amazon. However, many folks are learning to make their own fermented foods at home--which can be made cheaply and just as healthily in your own kitchen.

Whether purchased from a store or made at home, taken internally or topically, using probiotic foods such as kefir can help your skin stay youthful, healthy and clear. So, the next time you feel a breakout coming on, head to the refrigerator or the pantry--they may contain the natural acne cure we have been waiting for.

This is a Guest Post by Eva Hurst: Eva Hurst is a holistic enthusiast that is always on the lookout for clean-eating recipes and a spot to meditate. Her mission is to advocate the importance of self-care through health and wellness.