Is Inflammation The Cause of All Diseases?

Many researchers now know that disease and inflammation are linked. Inflammation may be the cause of all diseases. In other words, inflammation in the body is the manifestation, or a symptom, of your body attempting to heal itself. This is an attempt to fight off inflammation.

Disease and Inflammation

Disease and inflammation are the common links behind chronic conditions such as obesity, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis...just to name a few?

Inflammation is one of the main precursors of Type 2 Diabetes and why people are prone to heart attacks, strokes, kidney problems and other devastating complications.

Inflammation is a response to something not being quite right in your body. The condition can be a result of stress, your environment, your lifestyle, or your diet. The foods you eat are what you should focus on first. You want to eat right to to stay visibly younger and feeling your best, even as you age.

Choose Whole Foods

This means learning to choose only whole foods and avoiding processed foods. Simply don't buy anything in a bag or box...and probably not even canned goods when it comes to vegetables and fruit. On many diet websites this is referred to as “shopping the outside perimeter of the grocery store”. This is where the fresh produce, meat department, and dairy sections are usually located. The outside lanes of most stores.

This may sound unorthodox and contrary to popular belief, but you probably should avoid most fruit in general. Fruit has too much sugar, but you can probably still eat some frozen vegetables as long as they don't contain a lot of sugars and chemicals. Learn to read labels for unnecessary chemicals and food additives.

The Standard American Diet

There are a few big culprits in the Standard American Diet (SAD) that are making everyone fat and sick. One popular doctor with a YouTube channel calls this the Stupid American Diet. Everything points to Frankenstein foods and food additives that did not exist 50-60 years ago. GMO Foods (Genetically Modified Organisms) are grains like wheat, corn, and rice, highly processed oils (most often described as vegetable oils), and maybe the worst of all...added sugars.

Too Much Sugar

There are so many names for modified sugars that we won’t list these all right now. But you certainly want to avoid anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup (also labeled HFC). We think unnatural foods, food additives, and chemicals are what causes inflammation. Furthermore, the fact is your body does not know how to process these fake foods, so they end up stored in fat (adipose tissue), or stored elsewhere in the body as fat (cells and organs).

Therefore, if you lower the risk of inflammation, you then will lower your risk of chronic diseases. You also will look and feel younger.

Finally, this seems pretty logical and you might not think it is anything new, but in the context of modern medicine you must agree that when you visit your doctor, most likely you will be diagnosed and treated to relieve any symptoms, and not really be cured or treated for the underlying issues. Just always remember that food is medicine. Whole Food can remedy the cause of all diseases by eliminating the root causes of inflammation.