Can You Lose Weight While Eating Six Meals A Day?

The idea is that you will lose weight if you are eating small meals (six meals a day) is of course, a myth. There is a popular weight loss program advertised on TV that makes this claim. However, even readily admits this is not possible.

Eat Six Meals a Day?

A study from the University of Ottawa found that on a low-calorie diet, there was no weight loss advantage to splitting calories among six meals rather than three.

A second study found that switching from three daily meals to six did not boost calorie-burning or fat loss. In fact, the researchers concluded, eating six meals a day actually made people want to eat more.


Why these popular notions persist is not really hard to explain. It is parroted day-in and day-out in television ads. Additioally, you can find this idea promoted largely on the Internet. Do a search on the subject of recommended dietary guidelines.

You Are What You Eat

This eating style incorporates cardboard-like foods. These are foods and snacks with little or no nutritional value. This gives you a false sense of well-being and maybe full stomach. Common sense will confirm there is only one way to lose weight. Stop eating too much. Calories are important. However, we do not endorse the theory of “calories in and calories out”, or “eat less-move more”.

Every time you eat, you have an insulin response. Along with a high carbohydrate diet, eating small meals will make you more hungry. So, you will crave food and the next sugar high.

Weight Loss Starts in the Kitchen

Weight loss is mostly accomplished in the kitchen...not in the gym. Exercise is important, but aerobic exercise is not that beneficial for weight loss. You are better off to build more muscle with anaerobic exercises like weight training, or resistance training if you are older. More muscle mass burns more calories and stored body fat when you are in a resting state.

Eat A Clean Diet of Whole Food

Look around our website and blog for more information about these important subjects. For now, just know that you need to stick with eating whole foods. You have to eat fewer carbs, more natural saturated fat, and moderate amounts of protein. This will cut the pounds. This is also sometimes referred to as “eating clean”.

Finally, you may need to lose more than a few pounds. if so, we think it is better to lose the weight first, before you commit to an exercise program.

This, of course, leads us back to a “Whole Food” approach with few or no processed foods to get the weight off.