Suzanne Somers Diet Success Basics

The Suzanne Somers Diet has it mostly right when it comes to eating properly. You may remember that this popular sitcom star from the 70s and 80s had some serious health issues. She made a somewhat miraculous health comeback, and then a career transition into the diet and health arena after changing her eating style. Suzanne Somers is also a very savvy marketer and infomercial personality, although this article is not about ThighMaster or her skin care products.

We can’t say for sure how she arrived at her eating technique, since we have not read any of her books. It could be from trial and error, but more than likely she was coached by doctors and nutritionists. One story is that she was introduced to this way of eating while traveling in France. We can happily report that the approach to this diet does work for sustained weight-loss.

From reading reviews, we can confirm that these are sound concepts and mirror many other whole food eating styles that we are familiar with and that we like.

Suzanne Somers Diet Principals

  1. Limit most dairy products
  2. Completely avoid starchy vegetables and simple carbohydrates
  3. Stop consuming all sugar including honey and syrups
  4. Increase your protein and fat intake

This eating style is comprised of eating (or not eating) certain foods at the same time and avoiding certain food combinations. You will need to learn and adhere to a few food combination principles.

Food Combination Principals

  1. Only eat carbohydrates with vegetables
  2. Never eat carbs with proteins and fats
  3. You can eat vegetables with fats or proteins or both
  4. Fruit must be eaten alone and on an empty stomach
  5. Eat until satisfied but wait for 3 hours between meals

When we first found out about food combinations, it was characterized as controversial and unscientific. It can now be viewed as similar to a LCHF diet (Low Carb-High Fat) with moderate protein.

Again, we don’t like to think of this type of eating plan as a diet. A diet often implies something temporary. The definition of "diet" is what you eat as a regular routine. Your long-term health and wellness needs to be framed as a permanent lifestyle change. This is an easy way for most people to make changes to a Whole Foods approach and healthy lifestyle.